Caldera, Costa Rica Get in touch with Mother Nature with these eco travel deals. Whether you're interested in enjoying an ecotourism destination with an eco tour, or are looking for an eco friendly hotel or eco resort, these eco travel deals are good for the planet and the soul!

Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is exhilarating, and we offer wildlife viewing adventures to suit every taste. You might observe polar bears in Churchill or in the high Arctic Svalbard archipelago or watch waddling penguins walk the shores of Antarctica. The exotic Galapagos Islands teem with wildlife that once inspired Charles Darwin and now also fascinate visitors year-round. Also in South America, the unusual flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle are a sight to see.


We offer eco-tourists and wildlife admirers the wonderful opportunity to explore nature in its pristine state and observe the marvels of biodiversity. Explore arid deserts to thick rainforests and almost impenetrable jungles to arctic regions, observing flocks of exotic birds, as well as feral predators in their natural environment.