Small ship cruises take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

Small ship cruising is a term used for a variety of ships which do not fit the mold of “traditional cruise ships". Small ships, small yachts, tall ships, river cruise ships, barge cruises, luxury small ships, adventure ships, diving ships and many more…

This type of cruise is not for everyone. It is for the person who enjoys out of the way places with distinct itineraries. The ships are smaller, therefore, can maneuver in more difficult and tight areas, pull into smaller harbors and go to more exotic locales, unlike their larger counterparts. It is for people who value their privacy, and prefer more intimate settings. Smaller ships usually accommodate a few hundred passengers, some only a dozen compared to thousands on the big mega ships. It is for passengers with a discerning palate, because the cuisine is truly a work of art, especially on the luxury lines and the river barges (the latter ones are renowned for their gourmet chefs).

With small ship cruising, a whole other world opens up and is ready to be discovered.