Want to know the difference between acupuncture and acupressure? Or what about Shiatsu and Watsu? You've come to the right place. Our Spa glossary can help you stay up-to-date about terms and phrases commonly used by both spa goers and spa professionals. Names of treatments, fitness lingo, medical terminology, and more are included and constantly updated. Just click on a letter group below to see the glossary listings.

Ancient Chinese technique used to release muscle tension by applying pressure to specific points on the body.

*Aerobic Exercise                                                                                            
Any sustained rhythmic exercise (such as brisk walking, running ore aerobic dance) that uses the large muscle groups of the body and increases the heart rate to 50 to 90 percent of its maximum.

Aerobics exercise in an exercise pool using the support and resistance of the water.

Body, face and/or scalp massage treatments that help improve circulation through the use of aromatic essential oils derived from plants, trees and flowers.

 “Science of life” is and ancient Indian treatment that utilizes plants, herbs and essential oils.

Water-based treatments, such as thermal hot springs, mineral water, or seawater, which improves circulation and detoxify while revitalizing the body.

*Body Com position Analysis                                                                  
An evaluation process used to determine the ratio of body fat against lean body mass. Results aid in establishing individual nutrition and exercise programs.

*Body Wrap                                                                                                       
The body is wrapped in hot linens, plastic sheets and blankets. Heat penetrated the skin resulting in muscle relaxation and skin revitalization.

*Brush & Tone                                                                                                   
Dry brushing of the skin. Intended to remove dead layers and impurities while stimulating circulation. This is one of many exfoliating techniques used as a pretreatment for mud and seaweed body masks. A moisturizing lotion completes the treatment leaving your skin silky smooth, alive and glowing.

*Caliper Test                                                                                                   
Device used to determine the percentage of body fat.

Rejuvenating treatment for the skin using electric stimulation in a low voltage dose. This treatment removes impurities and stimulates regeneration.

*Cell Therapy                                                                                                           
 Injections with concentrated live tissue, derived from fetal lamb. Used to reverse the aging process.

*Circuit Weight Training                                                                                
 Exercise using weight-resistance equipment in an aerobic way.

 An intense water irrigation of the entire colon. Intended to cleanse out trapped impurities reverting the recycling of toxins into the blood stream.

*Crystal Healing                                                                                                        
Healing, energy generated by quartz and other minerals.

 Aerobic workout using steps and patterns of movement from modern dance.

*Dead Sea Mud Treatment                                                                          
Applications of mineral-rich mud form the Dead Seas in Israel. Used to detoxify skin and body, also to ease painful symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

*Dulse Scrub                                                                                                                  
Entire Body scrubbed vigorously with a mixture of powered dulse seaweed and oil or water. Removes dead skin and provides a mineral and vitamin treatment to the skin.

*Electro Therapy                                                                                                 
Treatments using the stimulating properties of low voltage electric current.

A deep-cleansing body treatment of the face, neck and shoulders.

A mineralized mud treatment that is applied to the body as a heat packs to detoxify, soothe muscles and stimulate circulation.

*Flotation Tank                                                                                                                    
 A tank filled approximately one foot of mineral-enriched water. Floating in darkness creates deep relaxation.

Drug therapy developed by Romanian genetic specialist, Dr. Ana Asla. Used to reverse the effects of aging in the cardiovascular, central nervous and immune systems.        

A cleansing rehydrating treatment using creams, which are, applied in long massage type movements.

*Herbal Wrap                                                                                                                                    
A body wrap using strips of cloth soaked in heated herbal solution and wrapped around the body; used to eliminate impurities and toxins, as well as for relaxation.

*Holistic Health Care                                                                                     
Comprehensive and total care of a person's physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Nonmedical approach to the healing that integrates physical and mental well being with lifestyle factors.

*Hot Stone Massage                                                                                         
Therapeutic treatment combining massage with soothing effects of contact with smooth, heated basalt stones.

Water therapies including underwater jet massage, showers, jet sprays and mineral bath.

*Iodine-Brine Therapy                                                                                                      
Mineral baths, naturally rich in salt and iodine. Used mostly in Europe for recuperation and convalescence.

*Knapp Baths                                                                                                            
Based on the thermal treatments of Father Sebastian Knapp, these herbal/mineral baths are regarded in Europe.

*Lactol Manicure                                                                                                       
Hands are soaked in a dish of milk or in a warm moisturizing ream to soothe and smooth skin.

*Loofah Body Scrub                                                                                                             
A full Body exfoliating treatment using a Loofah sponge and mixtures of sea salt and warm almond or avocado oil.

Hawaiian rhythmical rocking massage.

*Low Impact Aerobics                                                                                               
No jumping in this form of aerobics to avoid unnecessary injury to the body.

*Lymph Draining                                                                                                                 
A specialty therapeutic massage using a gentle pumping technique to drain away pockets of water retention and trapped toxins. Considered by many, European cure doctors as a premiere anti-aging treatment. Lymph drainage can be achieved through manual massage, hydra massage or with aromatherapy massage.

Soothing muscle manipulation that stimulates circulation while reducing stress and relieving stiffness.

Any number of disciplined exercises to bring about relaxation and integration of body, mind and spirit.

*Moor Mud                                                                                                                           
An organic Hungarian mud from the thermal lake of Herviz, famed for its detoxifying and exfoliating properties; it is used in various skin and beauty treatments.

*Moor Peat Baths                                                                                                            
A natural peat preparation, rich in organic matter, proteins, vitamins and trace minerals applied to ease aches and pains.

*Mud Bath                                                                                                                             
The body is coated with organic thermal mud to release tension and nourish the skin.

Natural healing prescriptions that use plants and flowers.

Device used to align spine and neck.

*Qi Gong                                                                                                                        
Oriental movement exercises, combined with breathing and mental energy to promote health. Longevity and a sense of harmony.

Combination of mud and paraffin wax.

*Paraffin Treatments                                                                                                
Hands, feet, or entire body are dipped in warm paraffin wax and then covered in plastic wrap. Once wax solidifies, it is peeled off leaving skin wonderfully smooth.

Outdoor trail with exercise stations along the way.

Literally healing treatments through plants, phytotherapy involves the use of herbs, aromatic essential oils, seaweeds, herbal and floral extracts.  Applied through massage, packs, wraps, water and steam therapies, inhalation treatments, homeopathy and also includes the drinking of herbal teas.

A series of precise movements performed on specially designed apparatus or floor mat to develop the body uniformly by utilizing the abdomen, lower back and buttocks.

*Polarity Massage                                                                                                           
Massage techniques developed by Dr. Randolph Stone. Used to release pent up energy through gentle manipulation.

An ancient Chinese healing therapy that applies pressures with the thumb to reflex points on the feet, the hands and occasionally, the ears.

Treatments applied to face or full body using a combination of herbal, seaweed and clay or mud masks, to create deep cleansing and moisturizing.

Massage techniques aimed to correct problems with muscle-skeletal alignment. A series of treatments will move from localized area where movements are restricted to a structural reorganization of larger body segments. This method of intensive manipulation may sometimes be experiences as painful.

*Roman Bath                                                                                                                         
The roman cherished bathing above all other luxuries. Roman baths consisted of hot, warm and cold pools. Today, the term usually refers to a whirlpool/Jacuzzi with benches to sit on.

*Salt Glow                                                                                                                              
A cleansing treatment used to remove dead skin and improve circulation by rubbing a mixture of coarse salt and aromatic oils on the body.

Dry heat in a wooden cabin used to open the pores and eliminate toxins by seating. In combination with refreshing cold shower, sauna therapy may enhance the body's immune defenses while stimulating circulation.

Traditional Thai therapy combines three healing techniques; Chinese acupressure, reflexology and Indian yoga.

*Scotch Hose                                                                                                                 
Massage, applied while standing up by a therapist who uses a high-pressured hose alternating hot and cold fresh or sea water. Treatment is used to bring soothing relief to sore muscles while stimulating circulation.

*Seaweed Wrap                                                                                                        
Body wrap or mask of concentrated seaweed with a balance of the oceans nutrients, minerals, rare trace elements, vitamins and proteins which are soaked into the blood stream to revitalize skin and body.

Spiritual and natural healing performed by medicine women or men.

Japanese acupressure massages technique where pressure is applied by the therapist's fingers, palms and thumbs to specific points on the body. The body's inner powers of energy and healing are both stimulated and rebalanced.

*Sports Massage                                                                                                         
Deep tissue massage directed specifically at muscles used in athletic activities.

*Steam Room                                                                                                                    
Tiled room with benches where steam  is generated to high temperatures. This treatment is used to open pores and cleanse our toxins.

*Step Class or Step Aerobics                                                                        
Aerobic workout using a small platform to step on and off.

*Slide Class or Slide Aerobics                                                                               
Aerobic workout using a slick mat, wearing nylon socks over your athletic shoes and performing a range of movements similar to skiing to carry you from side to side across the slick mat surface.

Using different body positions to extend various part of the body aimed at relieving tension and stress and increase flexibility.

*Swedish Massage                                                                                                           
A European massage technique intended to relax muscles and improve circulation with the use of massage oils and gentle manipulations such as long strokes, friction, kneading and tapping.

*Swiss Shower                                                                                                                               
A treatment that involves powerful shower jets directed at the body from various heights, creating the effect of an invigorating massage.

*Tai Chi                                                                                                                                
An ancient Chinese martial arts discipline where mental focus and controlled graceful movements are combined to unite the mind and body.

Water based treatment using the therapeutic and nourishing benefits of algae, seawater and seaweed to help to eliminate toxins.

*Tragger Massage                                                                                                      
Massage therapist uses gentle and rhythmic movements to release tension and realign the body.

*Ultra Sounds                                                                                                      
Treatments using high frequency sound waves to ease aches and pains.

*Vichy Shower                                                                                                
Invigorating treatment with water jets of varying temperatures and pressures. Shower from above several jets while lying on a waterproof cushion mat.

Removal of unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs or body.

Hot water pool with circulation through high pressure jets in the sides of the pool. This treatment soothes sore and over strained muscles and is used for relaxation.

*Zen Shtatsu                                                                                                                               
A Japanese acupressure art intended to relieve tension and balance the body.